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Patients spar with Doon hosp staff over low no. of beds, dirty water coolers They do not even have clean drinking water. How will the hospital give adequate services to ailing people if the situation continues?The people also complained that of the two wards of the hospital that had to be closed after leakage of sewer lines only one has been cleaned recently. Ward number 17 still remains closed after a month.On Thursday, hospital authorities were also warned by the electricity department that power will office water coolers be disconnected unless dues are paid. The hospital has to pay a bill of Rs 48 lakh for the past four months, a source told TOI.Principal of Doon medical college, Dr P B Gupta, said, All electrical and telephone bills have been sent to the treasury for payment as the money was released recently.Medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr K K Tamta, ... News Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/dehradun/patients-spar-with-doon-hosp-staff-over-low-no-of-beds-dirty-water-coolers/articleshow/57923657.cms Dehradun Thu,30 Mar 2017 Summary: Avinash Rai, a resident of Patel Nagar, said, The hospital staff does not have sufficient space to accommodate patients. Patients also said that the hospital was ill-equipped to handle cases of summer-related illnesses such as cholera and diarrhea.Guardians of patients complained that water coolers have either dried or were giving dirty water. We are hopeful that everything will be streamlined in a week.According to a hospital source, the hospital administration has sought 20 stretchers to adjust more patients in the hospital. Dehradun: Patients at Government Doon Medical College Hospital (GDMCH) had an argument with hospital staff on Thursday alleging that the facility does not have sufficient beds in medicine ward to accommodate the sick. A doctor told TOI, As many as 2,500 patients visit out-patient department (OPD) in peak summers.

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